Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Durano-Eco Farm and Spring Resort

Durano Eco-Farm and Spring Resort [Carmen, Cebu]

This Eco-Farm is located in Carmen,Cebu, a municipality next to Danao City. 
If you are looking for a place to appreciate nature, then Durano Eco-Farm and Spring Resort is one of the best choices. :)

The place is specifically situated at Corte, Carmen, Cebu.

Once you are in the public market of Carmen, you have to drive ahead until you reach Carmen National High School. Drive left for about 5kms. You will know you reach the place if you have seen a signage to your right "This way to Durano Eco-Farm Resort", which hangs from a big mango tree. 

We had visited the resort 4 months ago and we took photos of course... 

one of their cottages

tables and chairs are also available
the first pool- which is just a knee-deep-
 flows to the rest of the pools.

this is the 4th pool and
also that one suits for jumping

Just next to the resort
is a river- nice, isn't it?

and here's another pool just a
meter away from the river

If your starting point is in Metro Cebu and a commuter like me, you can go to White Gold Terminal and take the bus bound to Carmen. It will stop at Carmen Public Market and by there you can ask a Habal-habal driver to take you to Durano Eco-Farm and Spring Resort. 
>White Gold Terminal - Carmen =Php 40.00
>Carmen - Resort = Php 30.00
>Entrance fee = Php 60.00

no corkage if you bring food and drinks.... Enjoy!!

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